Our Safety Pledge

Under normal circumstances we like to think of ourselves as rule breakers
& let’s face it, Jason is known for breaking every rule in the book...
But we are taking this seriously & have put a few rules in place for everyones safety.
We appreciate your support.

Reserve your spot

We’re weather dependant for the moment so we’ll be opening our online bookings each day at 6pm for the following day – so let’s keep our fingers crossed lots of sunshine! If you can, please book in advance but if we have space we will be taking walk-ins.

Team health checks

All our team are given the once over & have their temperature’s taken
& we’ll be keeping them apart to social distance as much as we can.

Clean building, clean hands*

All our cleaning procedures have been heightened & the team will be washing their
hands frequently & we ask you to sanitise yours when you arrive.

*Martini’s & minds may still be dirty...

Disposable Menus

Use it once & then they’re into the recycling...

Table service only

No need to leave your seat - we’ll do all the leg work & bring everything to you.

We know you’re a sociable bunch but if you spot friends on another
table please resist the urge to mingle & stay on your table.